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The Mirage/Colt uses a basic economy car suspension, with slightly firmer spring and sway bar rates.

Front Suspension

The front suspension of the Mirage/Colt consists of McPherson struts and a thick front sway bar. The spring rate in front is 106 pounds per inch, this compares to ~90 pounds per inch on the base, non-turbo models.

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension consists of a solid rear trailing axle with an integrated sway bar. It is a non-independent suspension, without any type of camber/castor adjustment. The spring rate on the rear is 104 pounds per inch. Again, the base, non-turbo models have rear spring rates of ~90 pounds per inch.


The turbos come with 14 x 5.5 inch wheels, alloys (seen on the airborne Colt) on the Mirage Turbos. The front brakes have locating bolts that interfere with the seating of the wheels, severely limiting the aftermarket wheel options. For extra wheels (for autocross or snow tires) check out your Hyundai dealer. Hyundai uses the same 114.3mm x 4 pattern, with the same 67.1mm center bore, and have the same weird front disc mounting. Check out the Tire Rack site for wheel and tire options.


The Mirage/Colt came with 195/60-14 Yokohama A403s. These were worn out by the time I got my car. I can only comment on what I've tried. Mastercraft Avenger GTs

At first I had Mastercraft Avenger GTs, and they sucked. I replaced them before they wore out with Michelin XGT H4s, and it made a world of difference (or so I thought). After I replaced those with Yokohama AVS Intermediates, I realized the Michelins were passenger car tires, with nice soft sidewalls.

Yokohama AVS-i

The AVS-i is a hard compound race tire, pure and simple. The side walls are nice and stiff, the compound is soft (too soft, it seems), the grip is incredible. They wore out in 9,000 miles.

Yokohama A509

For a while I ran Yokohama A509s. They're a great compromise. They give up 10% of the grip the AVS-i had in exchange for doubling or tripling the mileage. They also made good gravel tires.

Current: Bridgestone RE930

After putting a rock through my oilpan at the Lake Superior Pro Rally I figured I needed more ground clearance, so I put 195/65-14 Bridgestone RE930's. They have really stiff sidewalls, and a pretty aggressive tread. GREAT for gravel, and they slide early and predictably on pavement, making every commute into a special stage. I love'em! They may not be the fastest tires, but that's why I've got the...

Race Tires: BF Goodrich T/A R1

For race tires I picked up some used 205/55-14 BF Goodrich T/A R1s. I don't think my car takes to well to them. These tires have asymmetrical sidewalls to account for the lack of camber correction on most stock cars. The trouble is these tires camber correction properties cause my car to understeer like a pig. Adjusting the pressures reduces the understeer, but doesn't eliminate it. I'm going to try the Yokohama A032, or maybe the Toyo Proxes TA1. We'll see.

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