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Suspension Design Spreadsheet Manual

By Dennis Schøler Pedersen



Using This Manual

Using The Spreadsheets

Existing Suspension Design

Spring Rates

Installed Coil Spring Rates

Sway Bar Rates


Note On Special Suspensions And Multiple Sway Bars

Wheel Rates

Special Note About Leaf Springs

Total Wheel Rates

Total Wheel Rate Ratio Front/Rear

Car Weights

Natural Frequencies

Ride Height

Favored Speed Of Car

New Suspension Design

Desired Favored Speed Of Car

Desired Total Wheel Rate Ratio Front/Rear

Desired Total Wheel Rate

Desired Rear Natural Frequency

Desired Ride Height

New Leverage

New Weights

The Results

New Suspension Component Design

Ordering Or Building Custom Suspension Components

Special Applications

Weight Jacking

Weight Jacking For Circle-Track Cars



Further Reading

© 1991 and 1995 Dennis Schøler Pedersen. This manual and all its contents are copyrighted. Any unauthorized copying or duplicating is forbidden by law. Authorization is given for registered users to print one copy of this manual per spreadsheet purchased.