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Related Links

There are few true Mirage Turbo/Colt GT links on the Web. Most of the following are to DSM related sites. Quite a bit of the information for those cars is applicable.

SE.DSM.ORG Message Boards
John Moore, the SE.DSM.ORG webmaster, has a Colt now, and has set up a message board for us to use. This is the best place to contact the Colt/Mirage community.
Mike Ortiz - Mirage Turbo "GS-T"
Mike Ortiz has a great looking 89 with a 4G63, a front mount, Jamex springs, and a front bumper cover from a 97 Eclipse GS-T. Road///Race Engineering had a hand in this car. Check it out.
Damon's Page
Damon has a page containing a Grassroots Motorsports article on the Colt, and a few pictures of his own Colt. He has a beautiful silver Colt with nice 15-inch five spoke wheels.
Club DSM
This is the grand-daddy of all Mitsubishi-related sites on the web. This is where the DSM digest comes from.
Team Rip Engineering
The manufacturer and a distributor of the Mass Airflow Sensor Controller. This system eliminates the restrictive stock air metering system on Mitsubishi engines, and allows tuning on the fly. It was developed by Dave Celsnak and Jon Ripple on 4G63T and 4G61T engines.
Road///Race Engineering
This shop, located in Huntington Beach, CA, is a Mazda 323GTX and DSM race and Rally prep shop, but they have seen Colt GT's before and seem to like them. I have seen RRE prepped rally cars and they do a very professional job. They will be making a strut tower brace for me in the next few weeks. I'll post pictures when I get it.
Mitsubishi (Japan)
Mitsubishi's site has information on the cars we don't get in the US, like the Lancer EVO V. Check out how the Colt's grandchildren are doing in theWorld Rally Championship.

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